• 03 Oct

    Backwell School CPD program

    A complete list of the training Tuesday and Thursday professional development programme at Backwell School See More

  • 06 Nov

    Teach Meet

    Learn something new, be amazed and be enthused. An informal gathering of teachers just like you from other NSTA schools. See More

  • 15 Nov

    Ensuring progress for all – the pastoral way

    Tracking progress as a Pastoral leader is becoming more and more important as the academic and pastoral spheres begin to overlap. See More

  • 08 Nov

    Exploring Pedagogy

    This exciting new course is informed by the pioneering work on Deliberate Practice by Educational Psychologist K. Anders Ericsson. See More

  • 11 Jan

    Positive Relationships for Learning

    Designed for all teachers who want to explore strategies to build positive & productive classroom relationships. See More

  • 15 Jan

    Women into Leadership

    A National College for Teaching and Learning run programme for aspiring female leaders as part of a national programme to increase the equality and diversity in school leadership. See More

  • 23 Jan

    Rethinking Leadership – Behaviours to get the most out of your team

    Aimed at developing our skills as leaders and managers of individuals. See More

  • 01 Feb

    Effective self-evaluation (senior leaders)

    School self evaluation can be a fundamental force in achieving school improvement and this session looks at the key debates in relation to school self-evaluation, what principles and processes are associated with it, and what the implications are for school self-evaluation as a means of leading school improvement. See More

  • 19 Mar

    Difficult conversations

    This session is about the skills & techniques helpful in managing difficult feedback. See More