Next virtual meetings - 22nd June

It can be hugely beneficial to work with teachers of the same subject across different schools. They are experiencing the same issues, working towards the same goals and are likely to have found strategies and solutions that are worth sharing. Often just by talking through a challenge a solution presents itself, and with ideas bouncing around, groups of teachers can be really creative and innovative.

Add to this that teacher efficacy is now the number one effect size (according to John Hattie and the evidence base) i.e. the belief that a teacher group has a collective ability to promote successful student outcomes. This suggests that our networks could potentially have a very positive impact on teaching and learning in our schools.

We now have subject Networks in most curriculum areas.  Please make contact with the lead teacher detailed on the flyer if you would like to find out more.

Meeting dates for 2020-21 are: Tuesday 13th October, Tuesday 12th January and Tuesday 22nd June (4.00-5.00pm), currently held remotely.

These meetings have been calendared for all Alliance schools and each subject area has committed to sending one person to each meeting. Please see downloads below for more details: