For Aspiring Middle Leaders - APPLY NOW

Rationale: To provide teachers with the opportunity to meet with and experience the role of a Middle Leader in order to have:

  • A deeper understanding of middle leadership roles
  • Experience another school context
  • New ideas to use in current and future career stages
  • The chance to reflect on practices in another school

The Course

There are three parts to the course:

Part 1

Twilight Session to be held at Churchill Academy and Sixth Form. This will last for 1 hour and 30 minutes and will cover introduction to leadership theories, styles and approaches to support
leadership development.

This session will be led by Chris Hildrew and Joanne Gill.

Date: 21st or 22nd January 2020 (tbc)

Part 2

1 day in another school context

The programme will include some of these activities

  1. Meeting with a Head of Faculty in your own subject / meeting with a pastoral Head of Year / House
  2. Joining either a Middle Leadership team meeting or a Faculty Meeting
  3. Discussion with Head of Faculty / Pastoral outside of your own subject area Learning walk
  4. Learning walk
  5. Meeting with the Head or member of SLT about ‘Qualities of Middle Leadership’
  6. Data discussion and exercise – as a Head of Faculty / Pastoral Head how to use data
  7. How to have difficult conversations – tips and advice

Part 3

After the visit, to write a report on your experience.

For additional information please look at the Aspiring Middle Leaders information document.  The application deadline is 9.00 am on Monday 6th January 2020.

To apply, please complete the Aspiring Middle Leaders application form (A Word document to be downloaded, completed and emailed – see details on form)