Equality and Diversity in Leadership

The leadership equality and diversity fund supports schools to develop local solutions that help teachers covered by at least one of the protected characteristics as defined in the Equality Act 2010 progress into leadership. Regional hub lead schools have been appointed to manage grant funding for onward allocation to individual school projects.

These schools have a successful track record of delivering equality and diversity leadership programmes over the last 3 years of the fund and have obtained a grant to help them increase the diversity of senior leadership teams in England’s schools. North Somerset Teaching School Alliance, Cabot Learning Federation and Affinity Teaching School Alliance are working together as the South West’s regional hub and we are now inviting applications from Teaching Schools across the South West to run local equality and diversity leadership programmes.

Who this information is for:

  • Schools who would like to apply for funding from a regional hub lead school
  • Teachers who would like to improve their leadership skills through a leadership, equality and diversity project

Please direct all contacts to: EqualityandDiversity@nsta.org.uk