• 03 Oct

    Backwell School CPD program

    A complete list of the training Tuesday and Thursday professional development programme at Backwell School See More

  • 26 Sep

    SEND specific needs training: ASD

  • 08 Oct

    The Secret of Literacy

  • 09 Oct

    Science of learning

  • 10 Oct

    Classroom Management

  • 11 Oct

    Coaching creates sustainable change

  • 12 Nov

    Knowledge-Rich Learning: Design and delivery

  • 13 Nov

    Progress for SEND students

  • 14 Nov

    Supporting students in building resilience

  • 21 Nov

    ‘Progress for all – the pastoral way’

  • 26 Nov

    Overcoming the limitations of working memory

  • 28 Nov

    Attitudes & Growth Mindset

  • 03 Dec

    Strategies from Teach Like a Champion

  • 21 Jan

    Middle Leadership

  • 06 Feb

    Re-thinking Leadership – teachers

  • 07 Feb

    Re-thinking Leadership for TA’s and non-teaching staff

  • 13 Feb


  • 17 Jun

    Mock Interview programmes – Preparing for Senior leadership

  • 24 Jun

    Mock Interview programmes – Preparing for Middle Leadership

  • 18 Jan

    Positive Relationships for Learning

    Designed for all teachers who want to explore strategies to build positive & productive classroom relationships. See More

  • 07 Nov

    Exploring Pedagogy

    This exciting new course is informed by the pioneering work on Deliberate Practice by Educational Psychologist K. Anders Ericsson. See More

  • 27 Feb

    Effective self-evaluation (senior leaders)

    School self evaluation can be a fundamental force in achieving school improvement and this session looks at the key debates in relation to school self-evaluation, what principles and processes are associated with it, and what the implications are for school self-evaluation as a means of leading school improvement. See More

  • 06 Mar

    Difficult conversations

    This session is about the skills & techniques helpful in managing difficult feedback. See More