School Improvement

Isobel George

Assistant Head Teacher

Carol Gair

Specialist leader in Initial teacher training (ITT) and newly qualified teacher (NQT) development

Helen Twiggs

Teaching School Administrator

Geraint Evans

Online Communications

Chris Moyse

Senior Specialist Leader of Education (School Improvement)


North Somerset Teaching Alliance is committed to school improvement. The overarching aim of the alliance is that all students in all schools within the alliance will benefit from a commitment to work collaboratively to share strengths and support development.

We have a wide range of high quality expertise available and we take great care in matching the appropriate support to the needs of the schools and the individuals concerned. Through our School Improvement Team we have access to NLEs (outstanding Head Teachers), SLEs, NSLEs and NLGs. We offer expertise in a range of areas: improving the quality of teaching & learning, coaching, behaviour management, curriculum design, initial teacher training, NQT, financial management, as well as individual subject support.

We are interested in designing bespoke packages of tailored support for schools in a range of circumstances.

North Somerset Teaching Alliance recognises that by working together, and sharing our collective learning, we can support system-wide improvements.

To find out more about the North Somerset Teaching Alliance School improvement team or to discuss your school’s needs further, contact us via Teaching School Lead Isobel George:

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

The North Somerset Teaching Alliance relies on expertise and talent from within.  We make a difference to the life chances of our students through reflective practice and collaborative improvement.  Our SLEs have been deployed across the TSA working with Subject Leaders, departments and Leadership Teams; identifying specific strategies and practical actions which catalyse progress. We are currently looking to recruit SLEs to join the North Somerset Teaching Alliance, in the following areas: SEND, History, English and Behaviour.

Specialist Leaders of Education, known commonly as SLEs, are the people on the ground who make a difference in school improvement. They are excellent classroom practitioners who have the capacity and skills to make an impact beyond their own classroom and there are 1039 currently designated in the SW. Some have developed expertise in other areas like initial teacher training, or curriculum design. Getting help from an SLE is the best you can get because it comes from a colleague practitioner working in the same context as you are with up-to-date knowledge and skills.

The SLE gains as well. Supporting other teachers and schools provides an exciting new professional dimension for classroom teachers, honing skills and becoming a key driver in school improvement.

We are currently offering a free half-day audit visit to schools to identify specific needs and draw up a targeted action plan for whatever support is needed.  If you would like to find out more about working in collaboration to improve outcomes for our students, please contact us.

Interested in becoming an SLE and want to find out more:

If you have any general queries about the SLE role, or the application process then please contact Isobel George, NSTA lead by email

As a Teaching School, we have now accredited 12 SLEs who are all outstanding Middle Leaders with experience of successfully developing teaching and learning and leadership in their own schools and beyond.

Please see below for our current SLEs with their specialisms.

Chris Moyse

Senior Specialist Leader of Education (School Improvement)

School Improvement

Chris Cooknell

Specialist Leader of Education (Science)

Alison Cooper-White

Specialist leader of Music

Alison Crocker

Specialist Leader of Education (RE)

School Improvement

Carol Gair

Specialist leader in Initial teacher training (ITT) and newly qualified teacher (NQT) development

Dave Gale

Specialist Leader of Education (Mathematics)

Alex Hayne

Specialist Leader of Education (Geography)

School Improvement

Liz Kerr

Specialist Leader of Education (MFL)

David Weekes

Specialist Leader of Education (Science)

North Somerset Leaders of Education (NSLEs)

North Somerset Leaders of Education (NSLEs) come from any school within the North Somerset Teaching Alliance (NSTA). They are excellent teachers with at least two years’ teaching experience and are relatively new to responsibility or leadership roles. They have a particular area of expertise and a successful track record of improving achievement and outcomes for pupils.

NSLEs work collaboratively with teachers and leaders across their own school as opposed to across the NSTA with a commitment to developing whole school practice. They have, and will be supported to develop, an understanding of what great teaching in their area of specialism looks like and can help other teachers and leaders to achieve it in their own context. Each NSLE will provide their own school with an even greater capacity for improvement. The NSLE is a pre-SLE role. It is designed for excellent teachers who are relatively new to having a responsibility or leadership role and / or have had limited opportunities at this stage of their career to work across their school.

Interested in becoming an NSLE and want to find out more:

If you have any general queries about the NSLE role, or the application process then please contact Isobel George, NSTA lead by email

National Leaders of Education (NLEs)

National leaders of education (NLEs) are strong school leaders, who have experience of effecting school improvement. NLEs work alongside teaching schools and other system leaders to provide high quality support to those who need it most.

If you meet the current eligibility criteria you might want to apply to become an NLE. The Department for Education (DfE) uses a sophisticated and balanced approach to designate system leaders – one which relies less heavily on Ofsted judgements and more on timely and accurate data, and the skills and track record of those applying.

National Leaders of Governance (NLGs)

If you require the support of a National Leader of Governance, or if you are interest in offering your services to support other governors, please get in touch:

Leaders of learning group

NSTA SLEs meet 3 times a year to represent their school, meet together and share best practice/evidence based practice. The team discuss key priorities for professional development that NSTA could offer to different groups of staff and how best to support school improvement across the alliance.