Alison Crocker

  • Name Alison Crocker
  • School / Setting Churchill Academy
  • Phase Supported Secondary (inc 6th form)
  • Subject Specialism RE

Background and experience:

I qualified as a Geography teacher from Exeter University in 2009.  I began my teaching role at The King Alfred School in Highbridge. As the only RE teacher in the school I was responsible for rewriting the SOL for all year groups and redesigning assessments in RE. During my time at The King Alfred School I was given the role of Learning and Teaching coordinator and as the head of RE. I implemented and developed GCSE and A level RE. In 2012 I completed my Master’s degree in Education.

I moved to Churchill Academy in 2017 as Leader of Learning for RE.  I have rewritten the SOL for every year group and introduced the teaching of GCSE and A level RE, writing textbooks and resources for the students. I have overseen the implementation of two new specifications at GCSE and A Level with successful results.

I have ben marking GCSE RE for a selection of exam boards as a team leader, senior examiner and as an examiner. This year I will also be marking Avel Buddhism papers for 2 exam boards. This has given me a good understanding of the assessment requirements for a number of exam boards.

Alongside this, I am the Associate Tutor for PGCE RE at Churchill.   I have been involved in numerous CPD sessions, most recently in developing my coaching skills.

Specialism specific and generic skills:

  • RE subject and leadership
  • Revision
  • Buddhism and Christianity
  • Assessment and marking
  • Metacognition

What support might look like:

  • Coaching for staff development: Improving teaching and learning in the classroom
  • Leading training sessions
  • Working with staff to develop new Schemes of Learning
  • Assessment
  • Advice on creation of schemes of learning reflecting specifications
  • Identification of pressures and coaching in ways to improve and support team leaders and team members.