Dave Gale

  • Name Dave Gale

I started teaching maths in 2001 at Wyvern school (now Hans Price Academy) and took a head of year role for two years before moving the Churchill Academy in 2008. I gained Advanced Skills Teacher status in 2013 and that meant I got to work alongside several other local schools including primaries on a variety of maths projects. Also in 2013, I was awarded Lead Practitioner status from the SSAT.

I have coached many members of staff and run several CPD sessions including one about homework and others about the use of Twitter and other technologies. I work closely with colleagues to develop resources and help them reflect on their teaching with a variety of foci.

I’ve been a member of the TES maths panel since 2011, reviewing thousands of maths resources And sharing a selection of my own. I have written for a maths textbook, written scripts for GCSEPod’s podcasts and proof read another maths textbook. I completed a Masters in Education degree in 2012 and have also taken a qualification with the Royal Statistical Society focussed on surveys and questionnaire design.

Specialism specific and generic skills:

  • Maths including Level 3 Core Maths
  • Mixed attainment teaching
  • Project based maths teaching
  • Survey design


What support might look like:

  • Coaching for staff development
  • Leading training sessions
  • Discussions with TLR holders about planned developments
  • Joint observations
  • Telephone calls/email correspondence regarding planned surveys